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Is Your Agents Head Bigger Than Your House?

So much of the Real Estate Industry advertising expenditure is directed at Self Promotion. While the homeowner who may be considering selling their home may be highly impressed that their home is being presented in print or other media. They very often look no further for an Agent. However if you look at the motivation of the agent you might reconsider your choice.  Their goal is to promote themselves. The idea is to present themselves in a way that implies great success whether that is true or not. But the reality is that most property listings if well-presented and reasonably priced will sell in a relatively short time. If your agent is pushing their huge cranium ahead of your home. It is for selfish reasons the "movie star” syndrome. Need for attention, narcissism whatever the reason but it is not aimed at selling your home. If it were directed at selling your home, there would be a large clear photo of your property with a very well written, well thought out ad. Not the generic and usual 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and Stunning Decor!

At 10, 20, 30 Thousand plus commission you deserve better promotion which is directed at selling your property not someone's huge glamour head taking the attention off away from the property that they were entrusted to sell. 

The point! When selecting your Realtor do not stop at the agent with the greatest amount of advertising. Truly great representation is far more involved than just placing a small ad in the local paper.

Interview and ask direct questions

You deserve the best Service and the best Results!



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